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If you have a blog or an online presence, you probably understand the value of the guest post. But how to guest post for other blogs?

First, it is important to have your blog indexed and be visible in Google. This will greatly increase your visibility, but unfortunately, you may not get good traffic. In this case, how to guest post for other blogs?

One way is to submit articles to article directories. It may sound simple, but it is difficult to do because many websites censor their submission guidelines. The quality will depend on the site, but it will give you some traffic and at least you can get started.

In addition, you can get ideas by looking at other blogs. If your readers are interested in something, post an article about it. Or better yet, submit a guest post to an online community.

In addition, one can search the Internet for some good information on how to get started. Just be careful when seeking out sources. Although you can get some good information, you can be tricked.

If you are a blogger, getting traffic is a big concern. How to guest post for other blogs? You can use RSS feeds, social networking sites, forums, local associations, and perhaps more.

While there are countless ways to get traffic to your blog, this is a good one if you are new to the Internet. It may not be the fastest, but you will get the traffic and at least you can learn how to guest post for other blogs.

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Why Write for Msnvirusremoval ?

You can leverage your exposure at msnvirusremoval to promote your personal brand besides working provided it is both relevant to our mission and done in a transparent manner. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting your business or you already have a large corporation. Guest blogging can help you benefit in a number of ways like –

• Exposure to targeted traffic

Our site gets a significant number of visits per month, and it is increasing steadily. You will see a significant increase in the number of visitors redirected to your site with every guest post you make. Needless to say, you will get massive exposure.

• Strong Subscriber Base

A major benefit of guest blogging is an increase in subscribers. You will notice an increase in your number of subscribers from your guest blogs then you would gain normally.

• Improved SEO and Domain Authority

Quality content gets higher ranks in Google Page. This eliminates the need for heavy investments on SEO tactics or buying multiple links on your part to rank on Google search engine.


• Improved Online Authority

Online marketing is all about authority. You need more than kick-ass content to convert your audience into paying customers or loyal subscribers if they don’t trust your brand. By contributing to our site, you will get the chance to prove your credibility as a source of authority information.

Write for Us

Let’s be clear here. We don’t settle for ‘good enough’. Guest blogging with us will require hard work on your part. We want nothing but the best content from you, and we are here to help you all the way through. Once you are accepted, our team will be there to share our feedback, and we may even ask for revisions if necessary.

What’s in it for you?

Recognition. Opportunities. Besides our readers, thousands of peers visit our site, and that means potential clients, publishers and employers. This increases your chance to get noticed. As a contributor, our exceptional platform will also give you ample opportunities to learn more by communicating experiences and ideas.

Contribute When You Like

As our guest contributor, you’re your boss. You contribute at your convenience, at your time.

What We Are Looking For

Email us your pitch, a partial draft or a rough draft giving us a glimpse of what you want to contribute to our site and why our readers will like it. You will get a feedback from us in direct proportion to the adequacy of your submission. Remember also to give us an outline of your article. We only accept 100% original content that has not been published elsewhere.

Submission Guidelines

It is our goal to put on our blog only content that our readers can relate to. The most important things we look for in a content is originality, quality, credibility and authenticity.


Our readers already know the basics of B2B tech. Our goal is to provide them with fruitful and updated information that adds value to their visit every time.


Keep your content professional, yet engaging – a voice that is interesting, bold and human.

Consider These When Writing For US:

• We always make sure our blog posts are an authentic analysis and reporting of the subject matter. We highly encourage clear arguments or a thesis over a list of basic tips.

• If you are guest posting in any of our blog sections, you must have a word limit of 600-800 words while feature articles must have a word count of 1200+. If you have an original writing, pitch your ideas to our Editor first.

• When sending us your complete article, make sure it is in word format. We do not accept PDF.

• You can use hyperlinks to acknowledge credible and relevant resources.

• Every day we receive a large number of submissions, and so our team will get back to you only if we like your draft and have decided to publish your content with us. If we don’t get back to you within 10 days, you can submit your content elsewhere.

• Remember, our readers consist of tech enthusiasts, information architects, digital marketers, SEO experts and the likes.

How to Submit

You can send us your pitch or complete article for consideration to margas6 (@)

Now What?

Once you have submitted successfully, this is what happens.

• All submissions are reviewed by our Editor to see whether your content complies with our guidelines. If you get through this level, your article will be taken over to the team for further review and deliberation.

• The team members will gather feedback from amongst themselves which will be sent to you by the Editor.

• Once you have addressed our comments, you can send us back the draft. We will review it for one last time and then notify you if we will accept it or not.

• If we accept your article, our Editor will work with you on your style, argument and organization.

Once your article is ready to launch, we will inform you of the date for publication.