Later versions of Windows 10 will uninstall Notepad & Paint

With the next releases of Windows 10 coming soon, Notepad, Paint and WordPad become optional programs and the user will be able to uninstall them.

Windows 10 users will soon be able to uninstall Notepad, Paint and WordPad from their computers. Notepad and Paint have been installed automatically since the first version of Windows when Microsoft’s operating system was first released in 1985. WordPad, on the other hand, was installed automatically in 1995 when Windows 95 was released.

Although all three programs offer some basic functions for managing documents and adding simple graphics, none of them could be uninstalled. With the recent 19551 version of Windows 10 available for Insiders, programs can now be removed from the Control Panel.

According to WindowsLatest, the removal of the above programs will be possible with the Windows 20HI release, which is expected to be released by April or May. The programs will be completely removed after the computer restarts and even if the user does some searching, there will be no message suggesting that they will be reinstalled.

Whether or not one chooses to remove them, these three programs only take up 20MB of user storage. Of course, with the ability to remove them, it will be easier to replace them with others that have similar and more features like Notepad ++ or Paint.NET.