Google identified multiple vulnerabilities in Safari

A Google team has identified multiple vulnerabilities in Apple’s famous browser, which has resulted in users’ movements being unknowingly recorded.

According to Financial Times reports, the bugs were found in Safari (Intelligent Tracking Prevention), which protects users from tracking their movements and their personal data. The report focuses on a document edited by a Google team working on Cloud services. In total, the researchers identified five different attacks that could occur as a result of Safari security errors.

The researchers said that this clever feature of Safari essentially left the user data exposed because of the feature to tacitly store information about the sites users visited.

One of the bugs they discovered could allow a hacker to track and track users’ movements while other bugs could reveal what sites users have searched for on search engine pages. In other words, Apple created a smart feature to prevent just that, but in the end it did just the opposite.

Google informed Apple about the vulnerabilities last August and the US company fixed them. But Google Chrome CEO Justin Schuh recently said on Twitter that Safari’s real vulnerabilities have not yet been fixed. So it would be good for anyone using the relevant smart feature to turn it off for the time being.