Stellar Data Recovery Honest Review

Did you lost all your files? Have you lost all images from your vacation? Did your hard disk crashed and you are in despair?
You should not! Because Stellar Data Recovery is here to rescue the day! And the files of course!

So this is my personal honest review that I had with Stellar Data Recovery Technician.

What is Stellar Data Recovery?

Data Recovery Software is a free to download tool free able to recover lost, deleted or formatted data from hard disks.
Stellar data recovery software provides free preview of recoverable data.
Also it works on desktop, laptop, mobile, or server! How cool is that?


The design of the tool is gorgeous! Clean, sleek and factional. It is super easy to navigate and i love the minimal feeling. After all simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Take a look at the dashboard and tell me, isn’t beautiful?
stellar data recovery dashboardHow it is working?

It’s super Simple.

Step 1.

You just select the files you need to recover.

  • Office documents such as Word, Excel, PPT
  • Folders
  • Emails like Outlook emails
  • Photos, such as JPG,PNG, etc
  • Audio like MP3, WAV, etc
  • Videos such as MOV, MP4, etc

Step 2.

Select from where you want the tool to recover the data.

  • Common Locations such as Desktop or Documents
  • Connected Hard Drives, either internal or external
  • Other Location such as Disk Image or Raid

step 2 recover from

Step 3.

Hit scan and wait a couple minutes. The process is super quick and it is huge plus!
Step 3 ScanStep 4.

Select the data you need to recover and you are done!
step 4 recoverOther Features

I loved the other tools equally as the data recovery tool.

These tools are the following:

  • Create recovery drive.
  • Monitor drive.
  • Repair video
  • Repair photo

With these tools Stellar Data Recovery is a complete and top notch suite with very very good tools and extra features, free of bugs, that can always save you in tough times.


Verdict – Conclusion

From start to top my experience was exceptional.

Support has been super nice and the software is the best tool i have used for data recovery.

Also price is super affordable and you can choose between three packages, Professional, Premium and Technician.

I was impressed from the first time i used Stellar Data Recovery and i am sure that it will also save you multiple times, both in money and in time.

Score :10/10