Facebook plans to ask its 2 billion users to check their privacy settings in the coming weeks.

The notification will appear in the News Feed. As soon as social network users click on “Start Privacy Checkup”, they will be redirected to the updated Privacy Checkup tool to determine who can see their data and enhance their account security.


Facebook also recently launched a new global tool, the Off-Facebook Activity, that enables users to have a snapshot of the data the social network receives from websites and applications other than Facebook (used to serve targeted ads) ) and the ability to disconnect data from their account. For example, if you visited a website for a pair of sneakers, and then see a Facebook ad with sneakers or similar sports products, it’s because the website you visited shared data with Facebook. You can find the new feature in Settings: Settings> Your Facebook Information> Off-Facebook Activity.


The tools above are undoubtedly useful to users, and are part of the social network’s effort to improve its image, at least in terms of privacy and security following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and user data management errors. or data breaches.

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